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Our straws measure 5.75 inches in length and are boxed in a set of ten for $26. Need Seasoned Straws for a big event? No problem. Get in touch here for custom orders.

100%! Our straws are eco-friendly, biodegradable, plastic-free, toxin-free, dye-free, and turn to soil—never waste. They are made from 100% FDA-approved and FSC-certified material; they're manufactured with 100% sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials

The seasonings on our straws are 100% edible; however, the straws themselves are rigid paper straws. Best for sipping, not eating!

Each flavor's ingredients are listed on our product page and on all of our packaging.

Our straws are carefully sealed to ensure freshness, but they're simple to open. Pull the clear, lift tab back and you'll find a second tab to pull all the way down the straw. This ensures you don't miss a bite of seasoned goodness!

Nope, because guess what?! Seasoned Straws are made with 30% more material to ensure they stay strong and rigid.

Yes, you absolutely can! Many of our straws contain zero sugar, and those that contain sugar have fewer than 10 calories. See product pages for details.

Sorry, not at this time.

Some straws contain soy, milk, and gluten - please read ingredients labels for specific information. Our Almond Bark is free from nuts. Please note that while we do NOT manufacture in an allergen-free facility.


We do! Our straws are carefully packed in a protective shipping container and can be quickly delivered to your door within days. For express or local delivery, feel free to contact us.


In keeping with federal regulation, we are unable to accept exchanges or returns on our straws. If you're not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, get in touch here.

Our straws have a typical shelf life up to 12 months. They're individually wrapped with an easy-pull cellophane tab to maximize freshness.

retail & bulk

Of course! We love seeing our straws at corporate events, weddings and big parties. If you're interested in placing a custom order with us, kindly fill out our contact form.

We'd sure do, and we'd love to connect. Please fill out our contact form or shop our wholesale selections on

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